Friday, June 21, 2013


It is that sad time of the year when we must say goodbye...  It has been a fun and exciting year, but the students must move on. 

This week started off with our Fun/Field Day.  The children got to make fun projects, play with a parachute, hula hoops and inflatables that were provided by our Home and School Association.  Thank you to the parent volunteers that helped with that part of our day.  We also had our annual field events.  Our favorite is the milking the cow may not believe this but I actually got my hair wet when participating with this event.  Thanks to Mrs. Cuzzupe as always for putting together these events.  We always have a great time and it is so nice to watch the students having fun.

We also had a special assembly this week.  At the assembly, I was honored as the "Teacher of the Year" with some special gifts.  Mrs. Moran, our incredible art teacher, and my students presented me with an AMAZING table that was painted by Mrs. Moran with some help of the students.  Thank you all so much....I will treasure it forever!!

Also, at our assembly we said goodbye to our secretary of 33 years, Mrs. Fiebig.  She has been so supportive and helpful over the years to so many of us.  We will miss her dearly.

As a final word, I would like to wish all of the families of my students the very best of summers.  I wish much success to my students.  I know they are all going to go on and be successful third graders and beyond.  Please come back to see me, and monkeying around!!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting down to the end...

We are winding down to the end of second grade.  Today our fun/field day was canceled and rescheduled for Monday.  Let's hope the weather holds out.  In the case of rain, there are still some fun activities planned for the students.  Shirts have been provided by the H&S and will be sent home with the students today to be worn on Monday.

This week we did a lot of math practice.  Please keep in mind that over the summer we do not want the students to "forget" these important skills.  Practicing math facts (addition, subtraction, and yes, multiplication) can be done for just a few minutes a few days a week.  Also, have your child help you count your change or tell the time (if you have an analog clock...).  Math can be practiced in many different ways!!

We have been practicing our Readers' Theater plays that we will be performing next week for Mrs. Taylor's class.  We have two "funny, folktale" plays:  Spiderella and The Three Little Elephants.  The students have been enjoying making the background scenery and the props, too.

We are still reading Charlotte's Web.  Wilbur has just arrived at the fair and is awaiting the judges decision... We will be finishing the book next week and then as a reward for our hard work this year will be watching the movie.

One more week to go...

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cursive Second Grade????

I am sure you have heard..we started cursive writing this week. We started out the week by writing our letters in...shaving cream. This was fun for the students while teaching them the correct way to make cursive letters.  We will continue to practice cursive next week.

This week in reading we talked about heroes and what makes someone a hero. We read several stories about heroes.  We heard a story about Diana Golden who lost her leg at a young age from cancer and went on to become a ski champion.  We read Bessie Coleman who became the first African American female pilot.  We read about Rudy Tolson-Garcia who lost both of his legs due to a birth defect and became a champion swimmer. 

Next week in reading we will begin Readers Theater.  We will practice reading and performing some funny folktale plays.

In math this week, we continued to review many of the math skills we have learned. The students also took what I refer to as the "Big Mama" test.  This test is given to assess the skills taught throughout the year.  These assessments will not be sent home for you to sign.

In social studies, we talked about what makes a good citizen.  We discussed ways to be a good citizen like helping others, getting along and making our community a better place.

We continue to read Charlotte's Web.  We have been introduced to Charlotte this week.  We are wondering what Charlotte will do to try to save Wilbur from getting eaten for Christmas dinner.  Stay tuned...