Saturday, February 23, 2013

We have reached 100 days...

We celebrated our 100th day of school on Wednesday this week.  We wrote about what we would do if we had $100.  The inspiration was a $100 bill with a special face on the front.  We had some wishes for American Girl dolls, some Skylanders, and even a mansion. 

We also made some portraits of what the students' felt like they would look at 100 years of age.  With this they included a bucket list of things they would like to do 'Before they turn 100.'

We continued to study folktales...this week focusing on Fairy Tales.  We discussed the elements of Fairy Tales.  Thanks again to Mrs. Moran for providing the artwork on our poster!!

We read different versions of the classic Cinderella story.  We compared their likes and dislikes and looked for the elements of Fairy Tales in each of the stories.  To end our unit on Folktales/Fairy Tales we did a fun writing project...'If I Had a Fairy Godmother...'

In Math, the Unit 8 test was taken.  This assessment focused on fractions.  This test and the remaining throughout the school year focus on new skills for second graders.  Look for this test to come home next week to be signed and returned.  

On another note about math...we have been practicing subtraction a lot lately.  This is a poem that we use in class to help the students remember what to do when subtracting.  If you practice at home, you should use it too.

We studied punctuation this week in writing.  We read a book called Punctuation Vacation.  Then we wrote postcards practicing using the punctuation correctly.

In Social Studies this week, we celebrated Black History month be reading about some famous African Americans.  Some of them were Jackie Robinson, Wilma Rudolph and Harriet Tubman.

In Science, we continue to study liquids.  Next week will be one of our most exciting lessons...drop races.

Have a great weekend.  Stay dry!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

This week we continued our unit on Folktales.  We reviewed the elements of a Folktale and read some stories that have these elements.

We started the week with Rapunzel.  Then we made our own Rapunzel's including the characters, setting, magical elements, happy ending and the problem and solution.

Then we read The Three Little Pigs and created a "Wanted" poster for the villain of the story.

We ended the short week by watching a Rumpelstiltzkin movie and looking for the same characteristics of that story as well.

For writing this week, after viewing a presentation of the Presidents of the United States, the students were asked to choose 3 presidents that they would be interested in learning more about.  Each student was then assigned one of the choices and researched that President in the computer lab.  We will be sharing our reports next week.

We continued our unit on fractions in math.  We had a special project creating fraction sundaes.

In Science, we began comparing liquids.  Some of the liquids we used were glue, oil, shampoo and oil.  We compared them by touching them and looking at them through a magnifying glass, stirring them and placing droplets on wax paper.

In Social Studies, we continued to discuss service jobs.  We created puppets of each job and discussed why we would like to do that job. 

Finally, we celebrated Valentine's Day.  The students made cards for the special people in their lives.  They distributed cards to each other.  We ended our short week with a party.  Thank you parents for contributing to the party.  The students made a few crafts and were treated with lots of goodies.

Have a nice long weekend!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Folktales, Fractions and Presidents

This week the elements of a Folktale were introduced.  Some of the elements include good vs. evil, events happen in 3's, happy endings, and characters are animals with human characteristics.  We read the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the chinese version Lon Po Po and compared their similarities and differences.

We will continue to read more folktales next week.  I have a few fun projects planned to go with them.

We started a fraction unit in Math.  We began looking at shaded parts of a whole.  We also began separate pennies into groups by fractions.  Next week we will be making fraction sundaes.  Keep an eye out for some pictures next week.

This week we introduced report writing.  The students were shown all of the presidents during a slide show and made some choices of which president they would like to research and write a report about. After doing some research in the computer lab, we are ready to write our reports.  These will be available for you to see and keep at Best of Heights night in April.

In Social Studies, we are still learning about service jobs and even created pantomimes to act the jobs out.  In Science, we just began our unit on liquids.  Our first lesson was comparing two liquids:  water and glue.

Of course, we are preparing for the holiday next week and have made special bags to hold our Valentine cards.  Once again, Mrs. Moran was instrumental in helping design the bag to go along with our classroom theme.
Please remember that next week is a short week.  
Once again, enjoy the snow.  Stay safe!! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Ernie & Neal

This week we had an exciting visit from Ernie & Neal.  They came to our school to help us create a song for our class.  The lyrics of our song, "I'm a Bucket Filler," were written by the students themselves.  We have been practicing all week so that we will sound great at the concert tonight at 7:00.  Hope to see you all there!!

This week in reading we finished reading our book Westward to Oregon.  We listed the characters, the setting, the plot and the time.  We then compared that time in history to today. We also learned about similes and practiced using them in a sentence.  

In writing, we started writing a many moments story.  We are still learning from our mentor, Angela Johnson, how to write and what elements should be included in our writing.

We had some fun in math measuring our arm spans and how long we can jump from a standing position.  We then took this data and used it to complete tables, line plots and graphs.  The students will be having the next math assessment on Monday.  Look for these to come home next week to be signed and returned.

In Social Studies, we began our unit on different occupations.  We learned about how many jobs are service jobs.  In Science, we took our solids are tested a new property.....magnetism.  The solids were sorted on the basis of whether or not they are attracted to the magnet or not.  Next week, we will begin looking at liquids.

Finally, we discussed Groundhog Day and made predictions about whether or not the groundhog will see his shadow.  I hope winter is over!!!

Have a great weekend...