Friday, April 26, 2013

Earth Day Superheroes!!

Earth Day was Monday.  In celebration of this day we created Earth Day Superheroes.  We first completed a book called "Because of the Earth...".  We wrote about all the great things we have on Earth like animals, plants, the ocean, etc...  Then we created our superheroes.

This week in math we practiced the Trade-First Method of subtracting.  We have become experts at this since we practice often.  We also began multiplication and subtraction number stories.  The students have gotten very good at drawing pictures to help them solve these problems.  Next week multiplication facts will be introduced.

Our big question this week in reading was "How can we understand nature?"  We read several folktales that tried to explain how things in nature came to be.  Some students even wrote a folktale on their own trying to explain "How Bunnies Got Their Tails."

We started writing poetry this week.  We went outside and collected things such as leaves, dandelions, sticks, etc.  Then we wrote poems about them using a "poet's eyes."  Next week we will begin reading and writing more poetry.

In science, we also started to create our "model" rainforest. We created the four layers of the rainforest in our hallway.  Keep an eye out next week for photos of our rainforest after we have added the animals.  

Mrs. Fletcher, our guidance counselor, came in on Friday for a guidance lesson.  She talked about how to accept how people are different.

Have a nice weekend...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Testing is Over!!

Well, we survived out testing week!  As a reward for hard work, we watched "Finding Nemo."

Not much to report this week.  We did some math practice with a review packet and played some math games.

I started reading a new story to the class..."A Cricket in Times Square."  The students enjoy listening to the story and are intrigued about the cricket and how it traveled to the city of New York.

We continued to study the rainforest and began researching a rainforest animal in computer class.  The students have become experts on the layers of the rainforest.  There is a game on my "Websites" page that they can play to place the animals and plants into the correct layer.  Next week we will begin constructing our model of the rainforest.

In Social Studies, we have been learning about the city of San Francisco and how it changed from 1846 to the present.  We learned about an earthquake in 1906 and what happened to the city afterward.

I would like to take this time to thank all of you for attending our Best of Heights Night.  The students are so proud to show their work from throughout the year.

If you did not get a chance to see your child's president video......see it here.

Friday, April 12, 2013

April Showers...

Welcome back from Spring break...although this week felt more like summer. 

This week in Reading we discussed how kids around the world are alike and different.  We read stories about celebrating New Years in the United States and China.  We also read a story about two cousins, one from a city in the US and one from Mexico.  They wrote letters to each other and talked about the different things they like to do for fun.  The students got a kick out of Charlie break-dancing.  We learned about games that are played by kids around the world.  Ask your child to teach you how to play"Stick in the Mud" like in Australia or "Snail" like in France.

In Math, we are moving right along and have finished Unit 10.  (Only two units left!!)  We took another math test which will be coming home for you to see next week.  We started only one lesson in Unit 11 which was number stories and adding money amounts.  The students did great with this lesson.  I think the morning problems that they have been working on have helped! 

We started one of my favorite units in Science this week.  Rainforests!!  We viewed a powerpoint presentation that taught us about the four layers of the rainforest.  Eventually, we will be creating our own rainforest in our hallway!  Mrs. Moran has helped out in Art by having the students create beautiful butterflies to add to it.

In Social Studies, the students were introduced to the city of San Francisco.  They saw pictures of what it looks like now and what it looked like in 1846.  We will continue to study this city over the next week.

Of course, the most exciting thing we did this week was got a visit from a circus act.  We began with an assembly with Lulu the clown.  Then the performers showed us how to perform several circus acts.  We juggled (Mrs. Wells was a pro at this one), we balanced a feather, and twirled a lasso.  It was a lot of fun.  Thank you to the Home & School for a providing such a great assembly.

Next week will be our testing week.  Please remember a snack for your child, make them get a good night's rest and arrive to school on time. There will be no homework next week.

Also, Tuesday night is Best of Heights night.  We have many wonderful things for you to see.  Wait til you see our classroom door!!

Have a great weekend.  Hope to see you on Tuesday.