Friday, October 20, 2017

Bat Week

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It's bat week in second grade.  We learned all about bats this week.  We gathered information from several books from the library and then we wrote reports.  Did you know that there are 900 different kinds of bats?

Here are our bat reports...just in time for Halloween. 

In math we started learning new strategies for adding two-digit numbers.  We learned using a hundred chart, open number line and the break apart strategy.  Please keep in mind that it is expected that the students learn each strategy.  But, eventually we want them to choose the one that works best for them. 

During science this week we learned about weathering and erosion.  We even learned a fun song to help us remember what they mean.  We did a fun experiment to show how water erodes the beach.  Ask you child about what models we used this week to help us with our experiments.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Fire Prevention Week

Today was our visit to the firehouse for Fire Prevention Week.  First, Mrs. Sherm showed us the ambulance and taught us what to do if we were hurt.  We got to go into the ambulance, too!! Then Ms. Farrell taught us what to do if we were in a fire.  Did you know that if you were in a house on fire you should touch the door with the back of your hand to check if it is hot?  That way you won't burn your hand in case you have to crawl to safety. 

We took our second math test this week.  This test focused on making arrays (equal groups) to help us solve math problems.  Next week, we will start adding within 100.  We will be learning several ways to add including an open number line.

In reading our essential question was "What happens when families work together?"  We read about families that work together by sharing chores, working jobs, and selling goods.  We practiced asking and answering questions and finding key details. 

We had a visitor named Shadow to our classroom this week.  He taught us the correct way to write friendly letter. 
Our friend Shadow

Have a great weekend.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fossil Digging

Today was our fossil dig at Edelman Fossil Park.  First, we learned about different animal fossils that were discovered in the area.  Then, we learned about how fossils are formed.  Then, it was time to go into the quarry and dig for fossils ourselves.

This week in reading we read about how we care for animals.  We read a Pepper the horse and how Jack takes care of him every day by feeding him and grooming him and letting him get exercise.  We also read a story about a girl named Tiva that had a pet rhino.

We started a new unit in math with even and odd numbers and using arrays to add.  This is a short unit, therefore, we will be taking another math assessment next week.  

We finished up our first writing narrative story after learning about the writing process.  Next week, we will practice letter writing when a special visitor comes to our class. 

In science we took our landform quiz.  The students did very well on the quiz.  Good job second graders!!  Then we started our landform models.

Have a great weekend!! Don't forget, Monday is a holiday...NO SCHOOL!!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Pets are Friends

This week our essential question in reading was How Can a Pet Be an Important Friend?  We read a story about a boy that got a new dog named Cal.  We also read a story about a boy who got a pet fish and at first he did not like him as a pet.  But, by the end of the story, Norman, the fish, turned out to be a good friend to him.

In science, we continued learning about landforms.  Check out my Instagram page to see our Yakits we made.  We will be having a quiz next week about landforms.  Remember to study.

We wrote about being a scarecrow last week and made scarecrows that we hung in the hallway.

This week we started planning for our first narrative story.  We will start drafting and revising next week and hopefully have our first narrative writing piece done soon.

We took our first math assessment today.  Next week we will be starting a new topic about even and odd numbers and using arrays.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Team Building

Today was our second annual team building day.  The students participated in a variety of activities that required teamwork.  Some of the activities included tug of war, stuffed animal relay, bean bag toss and our favorite, the parachute.

  The students even got to enjoy some time playing on our playground.

This week we started on our first week of Wonders.  Our essential question was "How do friends depend on each other?"  We read a story about a baby bird that was afraid to fly out of the nest and his friends offered to help him out.   We practiced visualizing while reading and drew some pictures.

We are off to a good start on our math program as well.  This week we focused on different strategies when doing math facts.  Remember that the student's homework will be assigned by me.  They should just do the problems that are assigned. 

Overall, it was a WONDERFUL first full week.  It was so great to see so many of you at back to school night last night.  I know what a busy time of the year it is for everyone and I appreciate that you took the time to come.  I look forward to working with you as well as your children.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Welcome Back!

Welcome students and parents to 2-Wells.  We had a great first week and I have enjoyed beginning to know the students.  I am looking forward to seeing you at Back to School night on Thursday, September 14.  Please keep in mind that there will be a new format this year.  You should have received a letter from Mrs. Gansert outlining the schedule for the night. 

Check the blog weekly for valuable information and to find out what great things are happening in 2-Wells.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Thank You!!

I just wanted to take this time to thank you, the parents, for a great school year.  A HUGE thank you as well for the great wooden sign for my classtoom.  I will always remember your children as I see it in my classroom.

This has been a great year and I have thoroughly enjoyed having your students in my class.  Have fun and enjoy your children this summer.  They grow up fast!!