Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Thank You!!

I just wanted to take this time to thank you, the parents, for a great school year.  A HUGE thank you as well for the great wooden sign for my classtoom.  I will always remember your children as I see it in my classroom.

This has been a great year and I have thoroughly enjoyed having your students in my class.  Have fun and enjoy your children this summer.  They grow up fast!!

Friday, June 2, 2017

What Do Plants Need to Grow?

Last week in science, we started a plant experiement.  We planted four plants: one with sun and with water, one with sun and no water, one with no sun and with water and one with no sun or water.  We have seen some interesting results.  Of course, the plant that is growing the best has both sun and water.  But we saw some other interesting developments.

We had some growth in the plants with no sun but with water, but the plant had no green color to it.  And we are noticing that the water is not evaporating enough into the soil since there is no sun to dry it out.  We did see some growth in the plant with no sun and no water.  We decided that the soil was still a little wet when we originally planted the seeds so that is why there was some growth...but guess what else was growing in that one,,,mold!  

We finished up our last unit in Wonders this week.  We read several poems and discussed the author's point of view of the subject of each poem.  Speaking of poems, we are also finishing up our unit on poetry in writing.  The students are busily trying to create a poetry book with a compilation of all the poems they have written during this unit.  

We started a new unit in math this week.  This unit focuses on plotting data and analyzing data from charts and graphs.  

Don't forget....Best of Heights Night is June 7.  I will be displaying our work on the UNLESS project in our classroom.  Come check it out!

Tonight is our annual talent show.  Good luck students!!