Friday, June 10, 2016

Field Day Fun

We are winding down the year. This week we continued to read our beloved book Chatlotte's Web. We also started learning how to write in cursive. I will be sending home the cursive packet in case your child is interested in practicing over the summer.

We finished up our Geometry unit in math and have been practicing analyzing data with pictographs. We have a few more lessons on bar graphs and then our math for the year will be complete. 

Today was our annual field day. We had a beautiful day and a lot of fun.

Only a few more days!!! 

Friday, June 3, 2016


Where can your imagination take you?  That was our essential question this week.  We read several poems about using your imagination.  We practiced finding the author's point of view.  One of the poems we read was about how a girl can take a simple brown box and make it so many things by using her imagination.

In math this week, we started using arrays.  This is a beginning introduction to multiplication.  To help us learn arrays, we played a few math games.  One of the math games we played was called "I Spy Arrays".  Different arrays were hidden around the room and the students needed to find them and identify the array and the multiplication fact.  

The students were given another fun challenge in science this week.  How long can you make a paper chain with one piece of paper?  The students worked in pairs and were each given a 12 x 18 piece of paper.  They were given about 30 minutes to create the longest paper chain they could.  It was exciting to watch their thought process and how they worked together to achieve the task. We had some pretty long chains, but in the end there was one clear winner.  Congrats second graders on a job well done.  

This week we had our last Health class and our last Library class.  If your child has not returned his or her library book, please see that it is returned to avoid a penalty fee. 

Only one more full week to go...hang in there!!