Friday, February 27, 2015

All About Volcanoes

This week our essential question was "How does the Earth change?"  We read about beach erosion, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes and how each of them change our Earth. We then took some of the information we learned in reading and research from other sources, like other books and a video, and wrote a report about volcanoes for writing. We are still in the process of finishing these, but they will be on display at Best of Heights Night.

In math we did some measuring practice.  We used several different tools to mearsure.  We measured our wrists, neck and ankle with a tape measure.  We measured the hallway and classroom with a meter/yard stick.  We then did some comparing with the measurements.

This week we looked at four liquids in science,  We compared the four liquids by looking at such properties as color, feel, opacity and smell.  We then "squished" them around in a bag to see what happens with their shape.  Next week our four liquids will have a race.

In social studies we are learning about being a good shopper.  We did an activity in which every student receieved $10 to spend on various items.  Many of the students were good shoppers and first spent money on needs then on wants.  Some even decided to put a little in their piggy bank.  

We have a new door decoration...check it out!  Spring will be here before you know it!

Friday, February 20, 2015

100 Day!!

This week we celebrated 100 day.  We started off the day with a fun coloring activity. Then in writing we wrote about how we would be when we were 100.  Some of the things we wrote about were: what kind of foods we will eat, what kind of things we will have (like gray hair, wigs/toupees, glasses), what we will not like (children) and what we will remember about being a kid. We used a fun app that aged our faces to show us what we would look like in 100 years.  The students got a kick out of what they look like with wrinkles.  You will get to see these at Best of Heights Night.

In reading this week we read about different parts of the world and how they are different.  We read about Alaska.  Did you know that in the summer the sun shines for 60 days straight and in the winter there is no sun for 80 days?  We also read about two different kinds of rain forests; the tropical rain forest and the temperate rain forest.  We compared and contrasted the two.

In math this week, we practiced measuring in inches and centimeters.  We measured some things around the room like a pencil, a book, a desk and a bookshelf.

We started our unit on liquids this week...with no spills!!!  We compared two liquids: glue and water. Next week we will add some more liquids and compare them as well. 

In social studies, we concluded our unit on service jobs.  We created puppets of each job and had a "job Fair" by describing each job.  

Have a good weekend. Stay warm! 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Calling Dr. Wells.... Calling Dr. Taylor!!

This week was our annual "Contraction Surgery".  Dr. Taylor and I (Dr. Wells) performed surgery on our three patients: he is, is not and they will.  They came to us asking to be turned into contractions.  We removed the "i" from he is, the "o" from is not and the "wi" from they will.  It was touch and go for a while with they will due to his more complicated surgery but we saved him and he's doing well today.

Dr. Wells and Dr. Taylor

After Dr. Wells and Dr. Taylor performed their surgery, it was time for the medical students to perform surgery.  They were each given a "patient" and asked to make it into a contraction.  Then their patients were put into the recovery romm with Dr. Dennis to look after them.

This week was a review week for reading in preparation for a Unit test that will be given next week. We practiced finding the main idea and figuring out the author's purpose.  

We finished up our unit on double digit addition and subtraction.  Some of the students had a difficult time with the word problems which is very normal at this level.  We will continue to work on them throughout the year.

In honor of Groundhog Day on Monday, we spent the week learning about and writing about groundhogs.  The students were read a book and watched a video about groundhogs.  They took notes with the information they learned and turned that information into a report.  These will be displayed at Best of Heights night in the spring.

Keep in mind that next week is a short week.  Wednesday is our Valentine's party so if you are having your child send cards they have to be in by then.  Thursday is an inservice for teachers so therefore there is no school for students.  Have a great long weekend!!