Friday, September 30, 2016

Landform Models

This week the second graders created models of the landforms they had been learning about.  The requirement of the assignment was to include three water landforms and four land ones.  We had several volcanoes, mountains, rivers, lakes and glaciers. 

Painting the landforms 

Still painting

The students will be labeling the parts of their landforms next week.  

We finished up our first math unit this week with an assessment.  Overal the students did a great job.  This new math program has been an adjustment and the students are learning the expectations.  For the first test, each question was read to them.  I will not be doing that for each test, but I am trying to help them along to feel comfortable with the new program.  Look for these to be sent home next week to be reviewed and signed and returned.

In reading, our focus was asking and answering question and finding the character, setting and events in a story.  We read stories about pets and how we care for them.  

Today was our first t-shirt day.  We are celebrating "Being Determined" by wearing read shirts.  Keep on the look out for information each month about what color shirt to wear for that month.  

Friday, September 23, 2016

How are Families the Same and Different

This week our focus was on comparing families around the world and how they are the same and different.  We read stories about how families celebrate holidays differently and how they eat different foods.  In one story, a boy was playing football (soccer) at his friend Alejandro's house.  He was invited to stay for dinner and was concerned about eating some of the foods because they were different than he was used to.

We are still learning and practicing different strategies for adding and subtracting.  Utilizing different strategies is meant to help with math, but it has been kind of confusing as well.  Remember, this is a new way for your child to think in math.  If your child is having a difficult time with homework, just jot me a note to let me know.  

In writing, we have started drafting a narrative story.  We are learning the writing process and the steps to take when writing a story.  We started with planning the story and began to draft.  We also discussed different strategies for spelling when writing.  

In science, we are learning various landforms.  The students created a flip book with the definitions and pictures that they drew.  Next week, we will begin to create a 3-D model of different landforms.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Off and Running...

First, I would like to thank the parents for attending Back to School night.  It is always nice to see so many faces.  We have such a great community that cares about our students and our school.  Please remember that if there is any question you have or concern, you can contact me at time. 

So this week has been a whirlwind.  The students completed MAP testing in reading and math.  You will see these results during the fall conference in November. 

We started our first week of wonders with the essential question "How do friends depend on each other"  We read a bird named Little Flap who was afraid to leave the nest.  His friends encouraged him to try and said they would help him. 

In math, we started our focus on addition strategies.  We learned how knowing double facts can help find the facts that are near those facts.  We also practiced using a ten frame to show that adding numbers from 10 is easier as well.

To start off in writing, we talked about how our writing time will look and what the expectations will be.  We also brainstormed ways that writers get ideas.

In science, we started our Earth system unit.  The students used the Chromebooks to research a landform and define it. 

Today we had our Team Building day.  We had several stations with fun team games.  There was a bean bag toss, hula hoop race, tug of war, relay races and our favorite, a parachute.  We had a fun afternoon and worked so well together!

Friday, September 9, 2016

The First Week of School!!!

What a great first week of school.  The students and I have begun to get to know each other and we are off to a great start.  I can't wait to see how well these student progress throughout the year.

This week the focus was on our monthly theme...Be Determined.  We read a book called The Most Magnificent Thing.  We read about a girl who wanted to create the most magnificent thing and kept trying until she was able.  We brainstormed some ideas about things that we would like to overcome or have overcame.

We also read a book called Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon, about a girl whose grandmother taught her to stand tall and be proud of herself despite the fact that she was short and had buck teeth and a voice like a bullfrog.  The students then wrote about why they liked themselves and drew a self portrait.

One of my favorite activities that we do every year is read about bucket filling and dipping.  In the story How Full is Your Bucket, a boy learns from his grandpa about the invisible bucket he carries over his head.  Every time someone does something that makes him feel happy, drops go in his bucket.  Every time someone does something that makes him bad, drops come out of his bucket.  The students immediately understand this concept. 

This year the students will have me for science and Mrs. Taylor for social studies.  As a introduction to science and working together as a group, we did a fun activity called Saving Fred.  Fred is a gummy worm that does not know how to swim yet refuses to wear a life preserver.  Unfortunately for Fred, his boat capsized and he was stranded on top of his boat and his life preserver was trapped underneath the boat.  The students needed to work together to save Fred....with one major stupulation...they could not touch Fred, his boat, or his life preserver with their hands.  They had a lot of fun and worked together to find solutions to this problem.  

We really had a great week.  I am looking forward to a fun and exciting year!