Friday, September 28, 2012


Today we had a visit from Sahara Sam's.  They arrived in the Sambulance which the students got to walk through.  This was an assembly with an important message about safety.  Please discuss it with your child.  They learned when and how to use 911. They also discussed the dangers of strangers.

Thank you for sending in pictures.  The students have been busy creating their inspiration books for writing ideas.  I have loved seeing their photos and hearing them tell about the photos and their family. 

We had our first REACH class this week.  Mrs. McIntyre showed the students how Marc Brown, the author of the Arthur books, created his stories.  You may not know this...but Marc Brown hid his childrens' names in his books.  The students then started a book title of their own.

We also had our first FOOTPRINTS class.  This program is enjoyable to the students while delivering a powerful message.  You should have received and read a letter about the program.  The instructor uses puppets which the students enjoy.

And finally our final first for the week...the first assessment in math was given.  The math test will be sent home one day next week for you to look over, sign and return.  Overall the students performed very well as this was mostly review.

Next week we will be starting a new unit in math, reading a new big book and working on making connections and making "spinners" in science.

The students have been doing a great job on completing homework.  Keep up the good work. 

Friday, September 21, 2012


You may start to hear your child asking that question.  I have started reading the book The Witches by Roald Dahl to the students.  The students have been really interested and have been trying to find out if I am a witch or not.  It is all in good fun and the students seem to get that this is a work or fiction, but if your child is confused, you may want to reassure them of that fact.

Here are some fun things that happened this week that you may want to discuss with your child:

Spanish - I have been pretty impressed with how quickly the students have adjusted to the new foreign language and how many words they have learned so quickly.

Reading - We finally started our new big book, Wriggly Squiggly.  We have used this story to discuss such things as rhythm and rhyme in a story and compared and contrasted some of its characters.  The students even created their own characters. We also talked about using our "treasure chest".  Ask them what that means.

Math - We are still reviewing some math concepts from last year like number grids, math boxes and equivalent names for numbers.  We also played a fun math game outside while practicing our math facts.

Science - Several students were able to discover on their own how to balance a pencil on a craft stick.  You can try this at home.  All you need is a popsicle stick, some wire, clothespins and a pencil.  Try it. We also made mobiles!!

 Next week the Footprints program will be starting.  You will be receiving more information about it next week.  Keep in mind that Friday is a half-day.  Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. 

Friday, September 14, 2012


Our first week of school is done and boy have we been busy.  It was so great seeing all of you last night at Back to School night.  It is such a pleasure to see so many parents interested in their children's education.

This week the students and I have been getting to know one another.  We have had some fun but also have been working hard.

These are the things we did this week:

Math - We have been reviewing skills like telling time to the nearest hour and half hour, counting coins and bills, how to work with a partner and playing math games like Addition Top-It and the Money Exchange game.  It's any easy game to play at home with a regular deck of cards.

Reading - The students have been practicing building stamina when reading to themselves. We discussed "bucket filling", how second grade is going to be super, making goals for second grade and how we spent our summer vacation after reading fun books on these subjects.  Next week we will be starting our first big book...It's a good one, be sure to ask your child about it.

Writing - We have been discussing and making rules for our Writing Workshop time like how to ask for help.

Social Studies - Community is our first unit.  We discussed things you can do in a, play, live and solve problems.

Science - We started our first lesson in Balance & Motion by balancing a crayfish..not a real one, of course.  Next week we will balance a pencil on the end of craft stick.  Is that possible??

Look for homework to start coming home next week.  Have a great weekend.

Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day of School

Our first day of school was great!  I was thrilled to meet all of my new students and can't wait to get to know them better.  Today we discussed many of our class procedures and came up with the 5 rules for our class together:                 
                                             1.  RESPECT
                                             2.  RESPONSIBILITY
                                             3.  GOOD MANNERS
                                             4.  KINDNESS
                                             5.  ALWAYS TRY YOUR BEST

All of the students signed the poster pledging to follow these rules throughout the school year.

We read and discussed a book called First Day Jitters.  Ask your child about it.  We even tried to get rid of our own jitters with special "Jitter Juice."  The students played a game called "Find a Friend" then make a special poster about a new friend.

Keep in mind that Back to School night is next Thursday.  Hope to meet you all there and to get to know the families that belong to the students.